Home automation projects totally focused on accessibility

We carry out domotic projects focused on improving the accessibility and security of the home and therefore the quality of life of each person who lives there.

To do this we take into account the capabilities of the different users, making each person feel independent and decide on their own lifestyle in their particular environment.

Home domotic utilities

Many people with disabilities are faced daily with day-to-day problems that we could easily solve with domotic technologies. These are some of the cases that can be solved:

  • Blinds and lighting control
  • Climate control (air conditioning, heating...)
  • Doors opening and closing
  • Remote intercom response
  • Technical alarms (flood, gas, smoke...)
  • Sending notices to family members inside or outside the home
  • Overhead transfer lifts
  • Articulated beds

Advantages of domotic in accessibility:

  • It allows the user to have the control of all the elements of the house in a centralized way, either from a Smartphone, a Tablet, a remote control or by voice control
  • Each project is customized according to the needs of each user
  • According to experts, apart from improving comfort and quality of life, it also improves self-esteem as users feel more autonomous and independent