Our domotic services

We seek the domotic solution that best fits with your preferences and needs, helping and advising you to adapt your home or business to your lifestyle. All that with comfort, economic saving and security as main objectives.

We work with open domotic systems, easy to use and always leaving the possibility of future expansions.

Thus, our first option is in all cases KNX, a world standard born for home and building automation. It is available in thousands of products from more than 400 producers.


A set of technologies applied to home control and automation, trying to find some services such as energy saving, security, comfort and communication.

Domotic installation for single-family homes, villas, apartments, etc.:

  • Already built, no need for reform.
  • In reform or new construction.


Set of technologies applied to everything related to automation and intelligent control of buildings such as universities, shopping centres, hotels, etc. and all kinds of tertiary buildings.

Inmotic systems for buildings:

  • Neighbours community, hostelry
  • Offices, sport facilities, sanitary and socio-sanitary buildings, educative buildings, etc.

Main advantages of a domotic home:

  • Control your entire home, business or building, wherever you are, from the palm of your hand via mobile, tablet, PC.
  • Always in an easy, intuitive and personalized way.
  • Energy saving and efficiency.
  • Maximum comfort and minimum cost.
  • Up to 45% of electricity bills saving and the possibility of reducing the hired power.
  • Security, protection and warnings against intrusions, leakages, fire and electric supply failures.
  • Environmental scenes with a single click.
  • Simultaneous control of the different elements (light, blinds, heating, audio, etc.) by a single touch or automatically, creating an environment adapted to the lifestyle and habits of each person at any time.
  • Communication and control.
  • Attention to people and peace of mind.
  • Our home can take care of our elders or dependents and facilitate their daily tasks.

Why has the use of home automation increased in recent years?

  • People have the need to save and this system offers it giving rise to a sensitivity in this aspect (energy sensitivity).
  • This system simplifies our daily life. More comfort, less stress.
  • They are functional systems which give a personalized solution to the final client.
  • KNX systems are safe and scalable, endorsed by millions of installed products, thousands of registered and certified KNX products, with recognized training centres and hundreds of thousands of projects carried out all over the world.


We want to improve your comfort and energy efficiency. For that purpose we have designed three specific programmes according to your needs. They can be carried out in new construction either in reforms.

As a domotic engineer we have all the knowledge and the most innovative technology to carry out all kinds of domotic projects in households, satisfying the needs of each client.

We install and integrate in your business a domotic system with which we can automate and control all the parts of it (lighting, security, blinds, air conditioning…).

Thanks to our excellent training in domotic and inmotic area, we ensure an excellent knowledge level to handle and collaborate in all kinds of projects for professionals.